One Piece Cosplay Celebrates "Egghead" Nami

One Piece's anime might be neck deep in the War For Wano Arc, pitting Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow Straw Hat Pirates against Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but the manga has moved on from the isolated nation. Creator Eiichiro Oda has stated that the current saga playing out in the printed story will be its last, with the Egghead Arc seeing the Straw Hats encounter Dr. Vegapunk. Thanks to arriving on Egghead Island, many of the Straw Hat Pirates were given new outfits, including the ship's mapmaker, Nami.

The Egghead Arc saw Luffy and crew discovering new secrets about the Devil Fruit thanks to Dr. Vegapunk, but they had little time to process it as the world government was gunning for them. Monkey D. Luffy had the opportunity to once again transform into his Gear Fifth form, fighting against Rob Lucci, though the latest storyline has since shifted to focus on some other parts of the Grand Line. Exploring the death of King Cobra and Sabo's encounter with the FIve Elders, and the higher-up pulling their strings, it's clear that Oda is letting out all the stops when it comes to ending the journey of his beloved anime characters.

Egghead Nami

Like Luffy, Nami received a new outfit when she arrived on Egghead Island that makes her look far more futuristic than she had while being a part of the Wano Arc. Each of the Straw Hat Pirates has an iconic look that has been perfected over the decades, with the manga, anime series, and movies able to show off their fits. As One Piece continues, we're sure to see a few more outfits given to the shonen heroes before the final chapter arrives.

One Piece is planning to have a big role at this year's Anime Expo, the convention wherein Netflix is planning to reveal new tidbits when it comes to the upcoming live-action adaptation of the series. Debuting on August 31st, anime fans are biting their nails in anticipation of the series and wondering if it will do justice to the manga. If the live-action series were to ever reach the Egghead Arc, it would take quite a few seasons.

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