Mashle: Magic And Muscles Confirms Season 2 For 2024

Mashle: Magic And Muscles has become one of the biggest new anime arrivals of 2023. Focusing on the protagonist Mash as he attempts to become the Divine Visionary, with next to no magical abilities to speak of, the series has been a cross between One-Punch Man and Harry Potter. Following the release of the anime's twelfth episode, A-1 Pictures has confirmed that the series will return in 2024 to continue Mash Burnedead's tale with its second season.

In the first season of Mashle: Magic And Muscles, which arrived in April of this year in Japan, we were introduced to Mash Burnedead, a character that has physical strength that might put him on a similar level as Saitama of One-Punch Man fame. Where the anime franchise is able to throw in interesting hooks is how Mash is able to convince his fellow students and teachers at Easton Magical Academy that his physical prowess is in fact magic. As viewers have seen, the series takes more than a few features from Harry Potter's Hogwarts when it comes to the magic school and the world that is fit to bursting with magic users. 

Mashle Season 2

The Official Twitter Account for Mashle: Magic And Muscles confirmed that the series would return for a second season. Set to arrive in January of next year, 2024, the new trailer also shared hints at what is to come while also revisiting some major moments from the first season. A-1 Pictures, the studio behind the first season, is slated to return for season 2. 

For those who have yet to experience the anime franchise's magical world, here's how Viz Media describes Mashle: Magic And Muscles: "This is a world of magic where magic is used for everything. But deep in the forest exists a young man who spends his time training and bulking up. He can't use magic, but he enjoys a peaceful life with his father. But one day, his life is put in danger! Will his muscular body protect him from the magic users who are out to get him? Powerfully trained muscles crush magic as this abnormal magical fantasy begins!"

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