New DC Multiverse Megafig Pre-Orders: Anti-Monitor and Justice Buster Batsuit


McFarlane Toys has delivered two new super-sized figures in their DC Multiverse Megafig lineup, and pre-orders are live now. The figures up for grabs this time around are Anti-Monitor as he appeared in the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, and the Justice Buster Batsuit from the 2014 Batman: Endgame arc. 

DC Multiverse Batman: Endgame Justice Buster Batsuit Megafig ($39.99) – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Amazon: "During the events of Endgame, The Joker infected Gotham City with a virus that turned the populace against Batman. The Justice League was among those infected. With codename "Fenrir", Batman activated the Justice Buster to neutralize each member of the Justice League. The Justice Buster is designed for war with the most powerful heroes on the planet." The figure includes a display base and art card.


DC Multiverse Anti-Monitor Crisis on Infinite Earths Megafig ($39.99) – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Amazon: "On the distant planet Qward many years ago, a being named Mobius built a sophisticated device called the Mobius Chair. Mobius attempted to view the source of the Anti-Matter Universe, hoping to discover what sparked its creation. What he found was the Anti-Life Equation, an infamous truth the tyrant Darkseid had spent a lifetime trying to locate. The equation merged with Mobius, transforming him into the immensely powerful Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor became a destroyer, traveling from one universe to the next, consuming worlds. He caused the Crisis on Infinite Earths, destroying the Multiverse, an event only a few recall." The figure includes a display base and art card. 

Note that Entertainment Earth is selling the figures in a case of 2 for $79.99 with free US shipping using the code FREESHIP59 at checkout and their Mint Condition Guarantee for collectors. They also have a ton of outlet deals going on McFarlane Toys figures that you can check out right here

You can catch up on the Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline from Marv Wolfman and George Perez here on Amazon. Batman: Endgame from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is also available here on Amazon