Nimona Directors Talk Designing the Film's Unique Medieval Future

Nimona is now available to stream on Netflix, taking viewers into a delightful and unexpected fantasy world. The film is based on ND Stevenson's beloved graphic novel of the same name, and not only does a fascinating job of honoring the source material, but builds upon it to create something new. While speaking to about their work on Nimona, directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane dove into the experience of finding the film's unique style, as well as their favorite in-universe posters and Easter eggs.

"Well, I mean, adaptation's adaptation," Quane explained. "What works on a flat piece of paper isn't going to work within the realm of filmmaking, but we wanted to make sure we harken back to that graphic novel. So we really did take a look at that, the style of what we were doing, just coming up with something unique that would stand out. It also kind of reflects the thematics of the movie. I mean, the movie takes place in a medieval future, which is the society that has moved forward with technology and has flying cars, but who's thinking is still very much rooted in an old-fashioned sort of sensibility. Unfortunately, a little like some aspects of our society today. That idea of making a movie in CGI, but giving it that nostalgic, sort of traditional throwback feel, it felt like it was a great nod to the graphic novel, but it also supported the thematic of what we were trying to say with the material."

"We really love all the horrible propaganda that's out there," Bruno revealed. "It was a thing that was fun to think about, and we were able to, unfortunately, pull from our own world. Like "Slaytorade", and "If you see something, slay something." There's unfortunately too many examples in our own world, of how we will judge people and hold them back. But it was, at the same time, fun to parody that."

What Is Nimona About?

In Nimona, when Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), a knight in a futuristic medieval world, is framed for a crime he didn't commit, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz), a mischievous teen with a taste for mayhem — who also happens to be a shapeshifting creature Ballister has been trained to destroy. But with the entire kingdom out to get him, Nimona's the best (or technically the only) sidekick Ballister can hope for. And as the lines between heroes, villains, and monsters start to blur, the two of them set out to wreak serious havoc — for Ballister to clear his name once and for all, and for Nimona to…just wreak serious havoc. Nimona is directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. The film also stars Eugene Lee Yang as Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, Frances Conroy as The Director, and Beck Bennett as Sir Thoddeus Sureblade.

"I don't think it could be happening at a better time," Stevenson told in a separate interview. "It truly is this story that has just gained meaning since the comic. And it does... A lot of things have fallen into place for me, clearly. But it's also a time in the world where it's just like we really need, I think that it asks people to have love and empathy, even if they don't fully understand. And I think that that's really, really needed right now in the world. Not only for people who identify in that way who are seeing themselves, but also for people who love someone who is trans or queer in some way and in some movie that just asks you to see people and listen. And I think we really need that right now."

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Nimona is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.