Jack Ryan May Have Just Teased John Krasinski's Return in Rainbow Six Movie

Jack Ryan season 4 may be teasing John Krasinski's return to the role in the Rainbow Six movie. The Tom Clancy universe is a very, very rich one. The author is probably one of the most successful when it comes to how many times his work has been adapted not just in movies and TV, but also video games. Gaming publisher Ubisoft has the rights to use Tom Clancy's name on a bunch of video games that are loosely associated with him, including the Rainbow Six games which aren't even really based on the books any more and are just tactical PvP shooters. 

With that said, the games have kept the author's IP very relevant as well as a number of live-action adaptations. Amazon's Jack Ryan series has been hugely successful and has paved the way for other Tom Clancy adaptations such as Without Remorse and in the future, Rainbow Six. With that said, Rainbow Six will continue the story of Without Remorse, but it's unclear if any of these exist within the same universe as the Jack Ryan TV series. They're all made, at least in part, with Paramount with the two released projects being on Amazon Prime. However, the first episode of Jack Ryan season 4 may be teasing something. Near the beginning of the episode, Jack Ryan is briefing the President on a situation and when asked a pretty heavy question, Ryan gives a vague non-answer. The President responds by joking that lines like that may lead to Ryan entering into a career in politics, which Ryan hates the idea of.

However, in the books, Jack Ryan is the President of the United States in Rainbow Six (shoutout Caleb Williams/@KnightGambit on Twitter for the info). It's possible this could be teasing that John Krasinski would reprise the role, likely briefly, for Rainbow Six as a way to continue that universe. Or it's just a fun nod to the books, we don't really know, but as the final season of the show rolls out on Amazon, we may get more hints to the future.

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