Only Up! Back on Steam After Being Mysteriously Removed

Only Up! is one of the best-selling games on Steam right now thanks to its explosive popularity amongst streamers who have been streaming the game a ton over the last week or so across YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. The game has been available since the end of May, but only recently did it catch on, and once it caught one, it exploded. That said, this explosion was halted a few hours ago when the game was mysteriously removed from Steam among rumors that it was removed for stealing assets. There doesn't appear to be anything to these claims though as the game, after being removed from Steam for a few hours, is back. 

There is still no confirmed reason why it was taken down, but three hours ago developer SCKRgames -- who is also the publisher of the game -- noted they were aware of the issue by tweeting that the game would soon be available on Steam again. This is all the independent developer had to say about the matter though. 

As always, we will keep you updated as the situation evolves. If there is an issue of stolen assets, there's a good chance the game is coming right back down. However, the fact the game was pulled, and then added again, suggests this is not the problem. 

"You are a young teenage Jackie from the ghetto who wants to get out of poverty and embark on a journey of learning about the world and yourself," reads an official blurb about the game. "The world has definitely gone crazy, though it has never been normal, but maybe now is the chance for you. Crisis is a time for action and decisive steps...except it's scary, because every step can set you back far. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right path, but do not be afraid, you can always repeat, we learn from mistakes. Jackie is to learn that to get to a new place you must first make a jump and get off the ground, not knowing what will happen in the future... A samurai has no goal, only a way, stoicism, patience and cunning will help you to reach the very top, but what awaits there – you never know... Let's go? Only Up!"

An official pitch for the game continues: "Only Up! is inspired by the fairytale 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and reminds some of a platformer. You'll follow the same mythological path as Jack to achieve something more than just climbing to the very top. Among the features of the game are the ability to slow down time and change the speed of your character to be as collected as possible when making an important step or jump. The game also contains hundreds of Easter eggs and various references."